When you’re out in nature, you need to make sure that you’ve got the right gear with you at all times. This can make a really difference between a good and bad trip, but you also need to consider the fact that you really can’t carry million tools with you. You need to find a multi tool that is good enough for several things. Plus a trustworthy pen is just as important, you’ll never know when important information arises. Check out Gear Hungry for this. They have a fantastic list to suit all budgets.

Now, before you just pick one tool, you really ought to go through these 4 steps in order to make sure that you’ve got the best one out there. The first thing to consider is the manufacturer that ought to be good, and that you’ve gotten something that works for you. But, these aren’t actually the steps, this is just a general guideline, and when it comes to the steps, we’ll get right on them.

Step 1 – How Would You Carry It?

You have to make sure that the multi tool that you’ve selected to carry with you to your trips does several things at once, and that it can be carried with you at all time. This means that the tool cannot weigh 2 pounds and be over 3 feet in length. You can choose from several tools in order to fulfill this need, and these tools include:

-The Keychain Tools which are small and really handy. You can just carry them on your keychain that you always take with you. Even though you’ll have to sacrifice some tool abilities, you’ll get some portability.

– The Pocket Multi Tools are a bit heavier and bigger, but can still fit your pocket, not to mention your backpack or purse. They’ll offer you a lot in the sense of capability. These include pliers and other tools that are manageable in terms of size and that offer great capability and strength.

– The Belt Multi Tools are a bit more complex (shown below). There is a lot more of them, and they include real tools, wire cutters, bigger pliers, etc. Most can fit into the pockets, but are usually found on the belt.

– The One-Piece Multi Tools are slim, flat tools made of one piece of metal. They can be fitted wherever you need them, on your belt, bag, bike, etc. They are extremely handy, but are limited in terms of application due to the fact that they’re just one piece of metal. You can use them as a flat screwdriver, a box wrench, a scrapper tool, and that is it.

Step 2 – What Do You Need?

This is what we have mentioned that the tool needs to be something that works for you. Only you know what some of the needs for which you’re going to need the tool are, and that is why only you can choose the perfect one. These steps are just guidelines. The first thing you should do, in this regard, is finding if there is some kind of a specialized tool for your needs. If there is, than that’s the tool you ought to get. If a specialized tool for your needs doesn’t really exist, then try to find a smaller set of tools that could be carried around easily. Usually, this set includes a small flat driver, scissors, bottle opener, a small saw, etc.

Step 3 – Don’t Trust the Marketing, and Find a Quality Product

In order to achieve this, you need to differentiate bad products from the good ones. The best way to do this is to avoid anything with a flashlight on it, because it’s always good to have a flashlight on its own, and not a part of a tool. Also, never buy stuff from a bad source made by an unknown company. have a great ‘best’ article on Multi-tools . Get something made by a respected and a well-known firm. Try not to buy any knock-offs, because these things will break in no time. And finally, get a toolset without any additional features or functions, because they just complicate the tool and can only drive the product to break down a lot quicker.

Step 4 – Buy the Multi Tool

There is nothing left for you now buy to use the things you’ve learned while going through these steps and buy your multi tool. We hope you’ll be able to pick a good one now that is going to serve you for many years and trips to come.