How can the overseas working employees apply for the NI card?

Having a National Insurance Number is a must for every overseas working employee. You don’t have to pay the emergency taxes when you are a foreign national and work in the UK. Hence, you must get the NI number as soon as possible. If required, seek the assistance of the online services.

Applying for a National Insurance card online is an essential step if you have plans to work or study in the United Kingdom. Since you are a foreign national, not a resident or born in the UK, you need to apply for the NI card unlike the UK residents who are automatically notified for the National Insurance Card before their 16th birthday from the HM Revenue and Customs Department.

Apply for the National Insurance card as soon as you in UK for work

When you have the intention to work in the UK, it is vital to apply for the NINO card as soon as possible. It is necessary to inform about your National Insurance Number to your employer’s or company’s finance department for the purpose of the taxations. Each time you are paid your salary, your contribution that you are entitled to will be taken into account.

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It is recommended to possess the NI number

In case, you don’t possess the NI number, there is a possibility that you might have to contribute more than the usual figures in the NI payments. Thus, it is a wise and smart decision to apply for your National Insurance Card as soon as you arrive in the UK and start working in the company. The temporary National Insurance Numbers which were once issued are not longer considered valid. Only the NINO number is applicable in the current UK.

You might not have a permanent postal address initially

When you arrive in the United Kingdom for the very first time, for the initial few weeks, there is every possibility that you might not have any permanent residential address. You keep moving from one destination to the other in search of better living and accommodation. Such a situation can be very challenging because the whole process of registering, applying and receiving the National Insurance Card takes a long time and you have to continue paying the emergency taxes months after months.

You can still get your NI card

The good news is that there are several online services that have been designed to help out the overseas or foreign nationals in the UK for the purpose of work and employment. The assigned consultant will listen to your issue regarding the postal address issue and based on the situation will help you out with the best action. Without any hitch and wasting your time and energy you can actually register for the application and even receive the NI card within a few weeks time period.

How can the online services be beneficial?

  • The reliable online services can help you to organize and arrange the NI interview at your convenient place and time.
  • Depending on your nationality and the place of the Visa issued, the Evidence of Identity Meeting can be totally avoided.
  • The whole process becomes less stressful and challenging, since you are guided to carry the required documents for the interview.

From the above analysis, it becomes clear of the fact that applying for a National Insurance card online for the overseas individuals is not a tough or challenging situation as well.