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Welcome to Visiting Leton Travel Company. We are a travel company based in the UK. Do you have plans of exploring UK and other parts of the world? We are the organization that can help you satisfy that itch to explore UK and the rest of the world. We can help you connect to the best accommodation, flight and tours without any hassle.

Explore new cultures

The world is quite a big place. In fact, you will discover just how different people are if you explore new places.

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Open new

Just how many business ideas have opened up from traveling? You can explore new ideas by finding inspiration in different.

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Get rid of

Traveling can do a lot of things to the body. It can help restart your mind. Could you imagine if you’ve been tired.

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See ancient places

There are some things that may no longer be there for the next years to come. For instance, a lot of experts are saying.

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6 Best Places to go to in UK

Are you looking to travel soon? If you want the best universities, The Beatles and monarchy, then you should definitely visit the UK.

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Planning Your Trip Abroad

Are you planning to go abroad? This is a good idea. You’ll be able to find new places interesting and even meet new people along the way. But what are the most important things that you will need to remember if you are going to travel outside the country? Here are some things that you may want to consider.

Plan your trip early

Where do you plan to go? Regardless if you are backpacking or traveling as a VIP, you have to make sure that you plan your trip early. Have a list of places that you want to visit. But of course, you have to make sure that you plan your way of getting around.

Compare the flights

If you are traveling abroad, always make sure that you compare the flights. You will have better options if you are going to look at the different available flights a year prior to your trip. Also, are there alternative methods of getting around?

Plan your accommodation

Where exactly do you plan to stay? You have to plan where to stay. There are times wherein the cheapest accommodation doesn’t really mean the best option for you. There are instances when cheap accommodation means having a hard time getting home every time the day ends.

About Us

Visiting Leton Travel Company is UK based travel agency and company. We promote people to explore the world. With our years in the business, we have established a network that could help you explore new places in the smoothest way possible. We can provide you with some of the cheapest flights, and some great deals for your itinerary.

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Looking for a mobile bar?

Hiring a mobile bar at an event is super handy. Especially if you’re a travelling event that travels all over the UK. Mobile bars are ideal, as they come with bar staff, handle all the drinks orders and also the drink you don’t consume, they take away at the end of the event or night.

There’s always local mobile bars wherever you are in the UK. Check out Need A Bar – mobile bar essex, they’ll look after all your bar needs throughout Essex, Kent & Suffolk.

They can provide all types of services, including bar staff, managing your drinks / party order. The hands off service is a real nice touch to any event and it’s a huge time saver!

Top Places to Visit in the UK

Top Places to Visit in the UK

Are you looking for top places to visit in the UK well then this article will give you short but useful information about the eye-catching places of UK. There are many other places but if you miss these, you will miss the whole UK.

United Kingdom is one of the favorite European tourist destinations because of its beautiful countryside, many historic cities best-ever museums and many outstanding theaters that are perfect for schools trips with top quality student travel companies. There are a diverse set of places to visit in the UK as you can see some medieval castles, enchanting scenery of Lake District and Scottish Highlands. That’s why we recommend the UK for the elderly or disabled due the wide range of history and peacefulness, if you’re a live in care Homecare preferred provider, consider this! Here are some best places of UK to visit:

1# Cambridge: Cambridge is one of the most charming English cities located on the River Cam. Being the home to one of the world’s top universities, the University of Cambridge, it has all of the cultural and entertainment options. The King’s College Chapel is considered to be a fine example of perpendicular Gothic architecture and is one of the most visited sights in the city.

2# Lake District: Lake District is the second largest National Park in the UK. The main attractions of Lake District are the enchanting lakes, mountains and hills carved by glacial erosion, which provides dramatic and inspiring scenery. It is considered to be England’s premier destination for hiking and climbing.

3# Snowdonia: Snowdonia is an awesome national park. There is simply no other way to describe the stunning 360-degree views of the mountains, valleys and coast below. If the weather is clean, visitors can even see Ireland. It is the third largest national park in the United Kingdom.

4# Edinburgh: Edinburgh Castle is symbolic of Scotland’s capital. It has more than 4,500 historic buildings and sites. If you want to check out all the places in a better way like hiring a guide who will show you the places and explain about the significance of that location then you have to hire Mayday Travel for a remarkable travelling experience.

5# Stonehenge: Stonehenge has earthworks surrounding a circular setting of large standing stones in southwest England. It also has some of the most important Neolithic and Bronze Age finds and structures and contains some 200 scheduled monuments.

6# Scottish Highlands: The most popular attractions of Scottish Highlands are Eilean Donan Castle, a real picture postcard castle and Loch Ness, Scotland’s most famous lakes.

7# York: York is a walled city with a rich heritage location. One of the city’s main attractions is York Minster. This stone cathedral is filled with remarkable works of art. York is one of the largest pedestrian zones in Europe. When driving down York, you will notice that some of its roads are pretty uneven, and you could get a stratch on your alloys. Therefore, once you have finished exploring this amazing city, be sure to visit Whoops Wheel Fix It for Alloy Wheel Repair. Thier work is outstanding and are highly reccommended across the UK!


Applying for a national insurance card online

Applying for a national insurance card online

How can the overseas working employees apply for the NI card?

Having a National Insurance Number is a must for every overseas working employee. You don’t have to pay the emergency taxes when you are a foreign national and work in the UK. Hence, you must get the NI number as soon as possible. If required, seek the assistance of the online services.

Applying for a National Insurance card online is an essential step if you have plans to work or study in the United Kingdom. Since you are a foreign national, not a resident or born in the UK, you need to apply for the NI card unlike the UK residents who are automatically notified for the National Insurance Card before their 16th birthday from the HM Revenue and Customs Department.

Apply for the National Insurance card as soon as you in UK for work

When you have the intention to work in the UK, it is vital to apply for the NINO card as soon as possible. It is necessary to inform about your National Insurance Number to your employer’s or company’s finance department for the purpose of the taxations. Each time you are paid your salary, your contribution that you are entitled to will be taken into account.

Looking to travel and work in India? Check out if you need a duplicate Pan Card.

It is recommended to possess the NI number

In case, you don’t possess the NI number, there is a possibility that you might have to contribute more than the usual figures in the NI payments. Thus, it is a wise and smart decision to apply for your National Insurance Card as soon as you arrive in the UK and start working in the company. The temporary National Insurance Numbers which were once issued are not longer considered valid. Only the NINO number is applicable in the current UK.

You might not have a permanent postal address initially

When you arrive in the United Kingdom for the very first time, for the initial few weeks, there is every possibility that you might not have any permanent residential address. You keep moving from one destination to the other in search of better living and accommodation. Such a situation can be very challenging because the whole process of registering, applying and receiving the National Insurance Card takes a long time and you have to continue paying the emergency taxes months after months.

You can still get your NI card

The good news is that there are several online services that have been designed to help out the overseas or foreign nationals in the UK for the purpose of work and employment. The assigned consultant will listen to your issue regarding the postal address issue and based on the situation will help you out with the best action. Without any hitch and wasting your time and energy you can actually register for the application and even receive the NI card within a few weeks time period.

How can the online services be beneficial?

  • The reliable online services can help you to organize and arrange the NI interview at your convenient place and time.
  • Depending on your nationality and the place of the Visa issued, the Evidence of Identity Meeting can be totally avoided.
  • The whole process becomes less stressful and challenging, since you are guided to carry the required documents for the interview.

From the above analysis, it becomes clear of the fact that applying for a National Insurance card online for the overseas individuals is not a tough or challenging situation as well.




4 Steps for Choosing the Handiest Travel Tool


When you’re out in nature, you need to make sure that you’ve got the right gear with you at all times. This can make a really difference between a good and bad trip, but you also need to consider the fact that you really can’t carry million tools with you. You need to find a multi tool that is good enough for several things. Plus a trustworthy pen is just as important, you’ll never know when important information arises. Check out Gear Hungry for this. They have a fantastic list to suit all budgets.

Now, before you just pick one tool, you really ought to go through these 4 steps in order to make sure that you’ve got the best one out there. The first thing to consider is the manufacturer that ought to be good, and that you’ve gotten something that works for you. But, these aren’t actually the steps, this is just a general guideline, and when it comes to the steps, we’ll get right on them.

Step 1 – How Would You Carry It?

You have to make sure that the multi tool that you’ve selected to carry with you to your trips does several things at once, and that it can be carried with you at all time. This means that the tool cannot weigh 2 pounds and be over 3 feet in length. You can choose from several tools in order to fulfill this need, and these tools include:

-The Keychain Tools which are small and really handy. You can just carry them on your keychain that you always take with you. Even though you’ll have to sacrifice some tool abilities, you’ll get some portability.

– The Pocket Multi Tools are a bit heavier and bigger, but can still fit your pocket, not to mention your backpack or purse. They’ll offer you a lot in the sense of capability. These include pliers and other tools that are manageable in terms of size and that offer great capability and strength.

– The Belt Multi Tools are a bit more complex (shown below). There is a lot more of them, and they include real tools, wire cutters, bigger pliers, etc. Most can fit into the pockets, but are usually found on the belt.

– The One-Piece Multi Tools are slim, flat tools made of one piece of metal. They can be fitted wherever you need them, on your belt, bag, bike, etc. They are extremely handy, but are limited in terms of application due to the fact that they’re just one piece of metal. You can use them as a flat screwdriver, a box wrench, a scrapper tool, and that is it.

Step 2 – What Do You Need?

This is what we have mentioned that the tool needs to be something that works for you. Only you know what some of the needs for which you’re going to need the tool are, and that is why only you can choose the perfect one. These steps are just guidelines. The first thing you should do, in this regard, is finding if there is some kind of a specialized tool for your needs. If there is, than that’s the tool you ought to get. If a specialized tool for your needs doesn’t really exist, then try to find a smaller set of tools that could be carried around easily. Usually, this set includes a small flat driver, scissors, bottle opener, a small saw, etc.

Step 3 – Don’t Trust the Marketing, and Find a Quality Product

In order to achieve this, you need to differentiate bad products from the good ones. The best way to do this is to avoid anything with a flashlight on it, because it’s always good to have a flashlight on its own, and not a part of a tool. Also, never buy stuff from a bad source made by an unknown company. have a great ‘best’ article on Multi-tools . Get something made by a respected and a well-known firm. Try not to buy any knock-offs, because these things will break in no time. And finally, get a toolset without any additional features or functions, because they just complicate the tool and can only drive the product to break down a lot quicker.

Step 4 – Buy the Multi Tool

There is nothing left for you now buy to use the things you’ve learned while going through these steps and buy your multi tool. We hope you’ll be able to pick a good one now that is going to serve you for many years and trips to come.

Your checklist for spending your holiday abroad

Your checklist for spending your holiday abroad

Traveling to other countries with Algarve Fun is exciting and a lot of fun. Being prepared for your trip is a completely different matter. Unless you are a seasoned traveler who does this all the time, you are probably going to need a checklist to make sure you have all your ducks in a row and will have everything you need when you leave home.

Documents are the number one concerns you must have in order to enter another country. You want to roam at will and also know you will be safe before returning home. Make sure you have all the following documents:

Your Passport:

You cannot travel into another country without your passport – period! If you do not have a passport, plan on taking care of this months in advance. You can visit your local passport office, fill out the needed forms and get your picture taken. You might want to call ahead of time to make sure you bring any needed documentation that the passport office will require.

Your Visa:

Your visa lets the country you are visiting know what your classification is. For instance, if you are going as a tourist, then you can only perform tourist activities  You are not allowed to work and if you do, there are stiff penalties involved.

Your Ticket For Transportation:

You will need your tickets for immigration officials so they will be aware that you will not overstay your visa. You should be able to get your round trip ticket whether by air, train or ship. Carriers that travel outside your country should be able to answer any questions regarding what immigration officials will need to see.

Where You Will Be Lodging:

Unless you are visiting a friend or relative, you will need documentation showing what hotel or hotels you will be staying in. You can request that hotels send you the information via your phone, through your email or through the mail. If by email, you can easily print out the information. However, if you’re going on a camping holiday, make sure you’ve got yourself a solid and well-made tent. If you don’t, or you’re stuck for ideas of where to find one, check out these family tents that come highly recommended.

Don’t Forget Your Travelers’ Checks or Foreign Currency:

Many seasoned travelers prefer to use Travelers’ Checks because they are a great deal more convenient than carrying around foreign currency. There will be times when you will need cash, you can go to a bank and cash in a travelers’ check or use a credit card.

Note on credit cards: There are many banks that will cut off your credit card usage when you first return home.  They believe this is for your protection. If you only have one credit card, check with your bank and find out their policy. If you have more than one, use only one so your other card, or cards, will still be active when you return home.

Travelers’ Insurance:

This is critical as it will protect you in so many ways. Emergency situations, flight incidents, and protecting your personal belongings and these are just a few. If you are from the EU or EFTA, there are insurance companies that will not insure you unless you have the European Health Insurance Card.

If you are from Europe, be sure you have an EHIC card and also regular health insurance here: This will cover any medical and health care expenses in the country you are visiting, as long as it accepts EHIC.  As it is accepted in both EU and EFTA countries, you will be able to obtain free medical care or offered a reduced rate for illnesses or injuries that you might sustain. Your EHIC and travel insurance should go together.

Prescription Medications:

It is highly recommended that you bring just enough of your medications for the period of time you will be traveling. Make sure you bring any pertinent documentation from your physician. This should include your health condition which warrants the medications, the name of the drug, and the prescribed dosage.

Only bring absolute musts on your trip. You do not want to be weighed down by items your really don’t need.  If you have a lucky teddy bear, let him bring you luck from home!

Keep Your Car Safe

While you are away you don’t want to stress about the safety of your car and spend time worrying. Instead, be sure your car is safe by leaving it in the capable hands of Auto Vault Car Storage. With your car secure and safe, you have no need to worry. Now you can enjoy every second of your holiday and come back refreshed.


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